I’m not that good at talking about myself, but I’ll try it anyway.

I’ve moved across several programming languages during the years, reaching the point where the language itself is not that important anymore. What’s matters are just the thoughts behind it.

In recent times I discover that I like more setting up the infrastructure where the code runs rather than writing the code myself; it feels like I can be helpful for more people. Any project needs good infrastructure to properly works.

I’ve also started an homelab (once ready, I’ll link the page of my actual homelab). Right now is a little messy but is constantly improving; we can continuously improve in some way.

There are a lot of other things that I could say, but for this page, I’ll stop here, I have a complicated relationship with social networks, so probably you can’t find me there; I’m trying to revive my Twitter account, but no promise :P Anyway, if you’re reading this page, it means that my site is up and running, and I should work on my blog, so look at it and see if you find something interesting!